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A Bit More About Me

I Make Fitness Meaningful.

EXOS Fitness Specialist and NYU Masters Graduate, I'm an entrepreneur at mind and an athlete at heart. Formerly successful business owner in the nightlife industry, national level soccer player, World Cup winning roller derby captain, my decade-long experience as both an athlete, coach, and entrepreneur has led me to my current position as owner of the Victoria Park Fitness Club. Over the course of my career, I've had the opportunity to work with countless athletes, high performance individuals, companies and coaches, as well as obtaining the highest possible training accreditations. My distinctive, hybrid training method combining individualized cardio, resistance, and mat Pilates has helped me grow my client repertoire to include celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Pfeiffer and Cœur de Pirate.

My Fitness Services


The More, The Merrier.

Joining class can shake up a monotonous fitness routine.  Whether you’re training to trim and tone, increase cardiovascular capacities or create and release energy, my HIIT Circuit program will help improve your fitness and have you feeling light. I design high intensity aerobic training designed to burn fat, tone the body and empower the mind using power music.


Tailored Workouts.

Health and fitness isn't a one size-fits all; Different people have different needs and different objectives. 
My custom functional workouts are designed to get you to reach your fitness goals quicker, and more effectively. I help clients build daily and weekly plans based on the four pillars, all the while accounting for whatever constraints they might have in their lives.

"Fitness is beyond the physical. It's a way of life. It shapes character. It cultivates discipline, and it creates conscious living."

Shinna Lim



You're on your way to a more intentional, healthy and empowered version of yourself.